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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Character designer, character design

Graphic Design, Logo design, character drawings/ illustration/ design(anime style) - Advertisement Design Designer, Character designer
please visit for more of my sample artwork.

Location: Malaysia .

I am a designers, character designer, anime character, chibis, flyers, bunting, banner, photo album, logo, icon, cartoon, illustration , you can visit my art page at for info. preferably transaction with paypal with per jobs done. 25 % Deposit are required from the original price before i start any work.
if you're interested, please visit my page :, or you can email me :

with title : COMMISSION
and please add the description as detail as possible of the drawing or illustration that you want.prove reference of what exactly in your mind will save your monies.

PRICING. 8 X 11 inch.

1 character fullbody - 125 usd with simple gradient background (full color)
1 character fullbody - 100 usd (anime cell shade with simple background)
1 character fullbody sketch - 50 usd (with simple shadows)
1 character bust up - 60 usd - full color
1 character bust up - 40 usd - anime cell simple
1 character bust up - Sketches - 25 usd.
1 chibi character full color - 50 usd.
1 chibi character simple color - 30 usd.

simple background - free
complicated background - 70 - 200 usd.